Trusted Cyber Advisor


The cybersecurity challenges facing the government and commercial sectors are dynamic, decentralized and unlike any threat we have faced. Organizations need the strategic and tactical guidance of an experienced, trusted advisor to help solve today’s cybersecurity problems and combat future attacks. As a leading provider of cybersecurity services, KCG brings to each customer engagement a combination of breadth and depth of experience, methodologies that provide an understanding of broad risk elements within an organization, as well as adaptable and repeatable processes to building, maturing and enhancing cybersecurity programs.

Most importantly, we understand that organizations require strategic risk management. We help our customers to manage risk – whether it is defining an organization’s tolerance for risk, minimizing risk vulnerabilities or anticipating a risk that has yet to be discovered. That’s where we excel. We will work to tailor a strategic risk management approach to an organization’s cyber strategy that creates organizational change and enables business transformation.