Privacy & Data Protection

The federal government faces critical challenges related to the privacy and protection of consumer, constituent, employee, and partner data. Recent legislation and public demand to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) requires agencies to place a greater focus on understanding where PII data is being stored, processed, and transmitted; as well as properly protecting that information from loss or misuse. KCG assists our customers with achieving and maintaining compliance with privacy legislation including Office of Management and Budget and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements and executing privacy impact assessments on information systems.

Identifying and mitigating privacy risks requires an end-to-end approach including business processes, organizational behavior, and technologies. Federal agencies face a constant wave of privacy incidents associated with PII. Tackling this problem requires a comprehensive understanding of what privacy data is and how it is stored, processed, collected, and ultimately disposed.

KCG leverages our proven methodologies to help federal agencies address identity theft, data leakage, cybersecurity, and incident response. We support government agencies in meeting privacy and data protection challenges, providing expertise in key areas, including:

  • Privacy Threshold Assessments/Privacy Impact Assessments/System or Record Notice
  • Data Protection Architectures and Solutions
  • Privacy Incident Response
  • Data Leakage Solutions