Cyber Attack & Penetration Division

Hackers, cyber criminals and rogue nations conduct cyber attacks against government and commercial organizations every day.  Their goals for attacking range from disrupting an organization’s operations to spying and stealing information.  Whether the target is a government agency, a government contractor, a small business or a commercial entity vital to the nation’s critical infrastructure, there is one universal way to prevent the cyber attacker from being successful:  think like a cyber attacker.  That’s where KCG’s Cyber Attack & Penetration Division (CAPD) comes in.

CAPD is a high-end cyber services practice that provides an array of standardized and customizable offerings that give our customers simulation of potential attack vectors, threat scenarios impacting their IT environments as well as incident response capabilities to mitigate these types of attacks.  Key areas of focus include:

  • Security assessments and penetration testing services, including network and endpoint, wireless, web applications, embedded software, reverse engineering/binary analysis, social engineering, and red team-blue team simulation
  • Application security services including secure development lifecycle integration, cyber threat modeling, application risk profiling, application security architecture review, static and dynamic source code analysis, mobility and the KCG Cyber Academy Application Security training curriculum
  • Forensics and incident response services including computer forensic imaging and analysis, malware analysis and triage, on-demand incident response and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) program support

This division harnesses the collective knowledge of KCG’s subject matter experts through a real-time collaborative community and knowledgebase for its methodologies and custom solutions.