Critical Infrastructure Protection

On every continent and from all directions, critical infrastructure is being targeted by cyber attackers.  Whether it’s the power-grid, oil and gas providers, transportation and shipping sectors, water utilities, or other critical infrastructures, a successful attack would have a crippling effect on our nation’s economic and strategic interests.  Both public and private sector organizations have recognized this fact, with the Homeland Security Presidential Directive-7 only the latest example.  The bottom line:  cybersecurity can’t stop at enterprise IT systems; it must also protect industrial control systems. 

KCG has extensive experience providing organizations with the tools they need to protect critical infrastructure.  We’ve worked with leading federal agencies and commercial customers to provide both cyber strategy and implementation, including the communications work necessary to pull together multiple stakeholders from various sectors.  Not only do we have the experience, we helped develop sector-specific federal strategies for identifying, protecting and reporting Critical Infrastructure Key Resources (CI/KR).  Specifically, we provide: 

  • Management Consulting - KCG helps Chief Information Security Officers and their organizations connect the governance, risk management, compliance and operations functions of cyber security.  
  • Vulnerability Assessment - KCG helps organizations assess the vulnerability of their enterprise IT systems, including email, payroll and corporate storage, as well as their industrial control and SCADA systems. 
  • Regulatory Expertise - KCG provides understanding of applicable regulatory requirements including NERC, CIP, NIST, and PCI and others. 
  • Threat Modeling - KCG models threat attack vectors against organizational systems to definitively quantify risk. 
  • Preparedness Evaluations - KCG uses detailed threat scenarios to evaluate an organizations overall maturity for prevention, detection, response and remediation. 

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